Shareholder Information

Peoples Bancorp Inc. welcomes your questions or comments. Analysts and equity investors seeking information about Peoples Bancorp Inc., should contact Investor Relations. Current shareholders with questions about their accounts, may contact our Transfer Agent.

  • Peoples Bancorp Inc. Investor Relations - Forward your comments or questions to Investor Relations at Peoples Bancorp Inc. Corporate Office in Marietta, Ohio via US Mail, or use the convenient email based form. If you would like to speak with someone in Investor Relations please call 740-374-6136.
  • Shareholder Services/Transfer Agent - Shareowner Services is the transfer agent for Peoples Bancorp Inc. If you are an existing shareholder, you may contact Shareowner Services to obtain account information, change your address of record, perform transactions, enroll in the Peoples Bancorp Inc. Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan or to authorize the direct deposit of dividends into your checking or savings account. Shareowner Services may be contacted at:

    Shareowner Services
    1110 Centre Pointe Curve, Suite 101
    Mendota Heights MN 55120-4100
    Phone: 1-800-468-9716
  • Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan – Under this Plan, Peoples Bancorp shareholders may elect to automatically reinvest their dividends to purchase additional shares of Peoples Bancorp. Shareholders may also purchase additional common shares of Peoples Bancorp stock by making optional cash investments. Interested shareholders can contact our transfer agent, Shareowner Services, for additional information.
  • Share Repurchase Program – On February 27, 2020, Peoples announced that its Board of Directors had authorized a new share repurchase program authorizing Peoples to purchase, from time to time, up to an aggregate of $40 million of its outstanding common shares. This program replaced the prior share repurchase program approved by the Board of Directors on November 3, 2015, which had authorized Peoples to repurchase up to an aggregate of $20 million of its outstanding common shares and was terminated on February 27, 2020, with an aggregate of $6.3 million of Peoples common shares having been repurchased through the termination date. Repurchases under the program may be made through open market or privately negotiated transactions at times and in such amounts as Peoples deems appropriate, subject to market conditions, regulatory requirements and other factors. The program does not obligate Peoples to repurchase any particular amount of common shares, and may be suspended or discontinued at any time without notice. Repurchases of common shares under the program will be made using Peoples’ own cash resources and any common shares repurchased are expected to be held as treasury shares. The repurchase program has no time limit. Peoples had approximately 20,745,295 common shares outstanding as of February 27, 2020.